We are a Community Incorporated Company and we fulfill our community interest statement by running a bespoke teen weightlifting education programme for local youngsters. We also run a free seminar to educate local organisations about the benefits of strength and conditioning for different demographics.

We are currently seeking sponsorship to help us expand these services. Phase 1 of this plan is to develop our facility so we can accommodate more local people. There is a social investment tax relief incentive for organisations to donate to us and we have a Just Giving Page for our Phase 1 development. We run regular social events and fundraisers to self fund these improvements and welcome any questions about our future plans.


Teen Weightlifting development programme

Our teen programme coaches 13-17 year olds how to move safely with a focus on good mechanics and consistency focusing on the following key areas

  • Squat and hinge pattern movements
  • Energy system development
  • Mobility and joint health
  • Functional application for physical and mental health
  • General and athletic populations

Free seminar - an introduction to strength & conditioning - making kids, teens & adults better at everything

This is a free seminar to help local people and organisations improve their knowledge and application of strength and conditioning principles to all levels of abilities and age groups. Participants will leave with an increased understanding of the needs of different ages groups and specialist populations, which will help them to improve the health and fitness of themselves and the people they people they work with. 

This is a comprehensive seminar that includes the following subjects and can be tailored to your sport or organisation

  • Types of strength
  • General and athletic populations
  • Energy system development
  • Physiological differences between kids, teens and adults
  • Anatomical and neurological adaptation
  • Mobility and effective recovery 
  • Force velocity curve / reps, sets and loads
  • Impact loading 
  • Tissue tolerance development
  • Nutrition - Food as Fuel Principle
  • Vestibular development
  • Coaching cues - audio, visual, tactile
  • Positive reinforcement and game focused development
  • Skill acquisition through variation
  • Impact loading - Wolff's Law
  • Teens weightlifting programming
  • Writing an effective programme
  • Intensity - lactic acid and brain derived neurotrophic factor 
  • Velocity based training
  • Gym versus field based training
  • Accommodating resistance 
  • Aerobic development for injury prevention